25 August, 2020

Human connection is at the heart of our mentoring programme

Providing our colleagues with available support and guidance across all areas of M&S is now more essential than ever. Just because we're not in the office that much, doesn't mean our culture of knowledge sharing and learning has disappeared – and our mentoring hub has played a key part in that.

A powerful way to build connections, develop individuals, and support one another - our mentoring hub has offered colleagues the chance to reach out to someone within the business for guidance and has also ensured knowledge is still being shared, relationships built, and that skills and experience are being acknowledged and utilised at this difficult time.

Always looking for ways to be digital first, when we gave our mentoring scheme a digital overhaul via our new partnership with Guider earlier last year, we were unaware of the extent of the impact this new way of working would have.

By using artificial intelligence (AI) to match compatible mentors in M&S with colleagues from every part of our business who are looking to learn and grow; budding mentees sign up to the Guider platform and list the skills they'd like to develop. Guider then suggests possible mentor matches to choose from.

This platform and what it enables has been invaluable, probably because at its core is human connection.

The beauty of virtual mentoring, is that it's unrestricted by location and logistics. Our mentors and mentees have simply had to hop on a call with someone in the business they’d never had the chance to meet and learn from one another.

With almost 700 M&S employees signed up to the programme so far – across 4 countries – we are building an incredible community of people who are passionate about personal development and sharing their fantastic skills.

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