25 July, 2019

Championing the strengths of our LGBTQ+ colleagues

Diversity is at the heart of our values, and we like to recognise this at every opportunity. Throughout Pride month 2019, we celebrated with the LGBTQ+ community, championing members here at M&S. For us, it is a time to remember the hardships that the LGBTQ+ community have experienced, and continue to experience, while also celebrating the individuals within this community that we hold so dear.

We are participating in more than 10 Pride marches this year, getting into the spirit by launching our very own Pride t-shirts and sandwich – which have been a big hit with the community. We’ve also held our Picnic with Pride event, and put up decorations around the Waterside Support Centre. The building entrance was ablaze with colour thanks to a display of vibrant t-shirts, and a wall dedicated to messages for the LGBTQ+ community on love-heart sticky notes.

In store, our colleagues celebrated Pride with customers and colleagues alike. Liam is the Food Section Co-Ordinator at our Launceston Simply Food store, and a member of the LGBTQ+ community. He explains:

“In my little Simply Food store we stood out from other retailers during Pride month with the products we had on sale, for example the LGBT sandwich, the pride bag and even the t-shirts that are available on click and collect.”

While Pride month has now come to a close, this doesn’t mean we intend to stop celebrating diversity, or stop welcoming the incredible strengths all our colleagues bring.

Looking beyond Pride month, “I believe that M&S as a business is extremely inclusive,” Liam says. “My experience here has changed the way I feel the LGBTQ+ community is received and welcomed on the high street.”

We encourage our LGBTQ+ community, and the diverse talent we have because of it, to feel great pride in themselves and their achievements. Without these individuals sharing their perspectives, values and talents with us, we wouldn’t be the company we are today.

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