Why work in Distribution?

We’ve invested millions in our Castle Donington Distribution Centre. It is packed with automation, technology and manual distribution operations. But it’s still our people that make the real difference.

It is a complex operation that enables our growing online business to deliver. Everything we do keeps our customers front-of-mind, and while you may never meet one on site, wherever you join us at Castle Donington, you’ll have an impact on their experience!

Delivering what the M&S brand promises is a challenge that requires team work and calls on the talents of a diverse range of people; from delivering processes at pace on the frontline, people leadership that engages on all levels, through to continuous improvement that drives efficiencies and standards across the operation.

No matter where you join us, you’ll bring the care and attention to detail, team spirit and dedication that makes everything happen. We’re a close-knit team – supporting one another to be the best we can be and taking pride in creating an environment that’s as encouraging and inclusive as it is delivery focused.

Castle Donington – At a glance

At 900,000 square feet, you’d be hard-pressed to miss us. Split into 3 chambers with a mix of automated and manual operations delivering around two million single items a week during peak, Castle Donington provides invaluable support to both our online and retail operations.

But just because we’re big, doesn’t mean to say we leave a big foot print. Some very clever thinking has gone into making us an agile, safe, environmentally considerate and people friendly site.

Tech summary of Castle Donington (PDF)

About Castle Donington

Plan A is the name we’ve given to the commitments and goals we’ve set to ensure we are helping to protect the planet. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Marks & Spencer. It’s evident in how we engage with our customers, source responsibly, reduce waste, develop business partnerships and help our local communities. The launch of Plan A 2020 is the third stage of our journey. You can read more about Plan A on our corporate site.

Like many of our stores, the Castle Donington Distribution Centre has been designed with the environment in mind. It’s a truly modern place to work as it’s been built to the latest sustainable standards, which means we can provide a comfortable, well-lit, temperature-controlled working environment with less impact on the environment:

A truly sustainable place to work

Rain water harvesting
We’ve designed the centre to minimise the amount of fresh water required, including a grey water recycling system and rainwater harvesting.

Carbon neutral construction
The entire structure was built without any carbon impact on the environment. Over the life of the building that means the overall carbon impact will be reduced by 20%.

Solar wall & solar photovoltaics (PV)
The Castle Donington centre has Europe’s largest solar wall, which is used to preheat the building. The 24,272 solar PV panels would stretch for 25 miles if the panels were laid end to end. Together, these will lower M&S’s carbon footprint by 48,000 tonnes over the next 20 years. The energy generated is enough to provide nearly 25% of the energy required for the entire site.

Airtight building fabric
The building fabric has been designed to be four times as airtight as current building regulations specify. That means we can heat the building much more efficiently.

Plenty of natural light
We’ve designed in ‘roof lights’ to provide optimum levels of natural light in the centre. By reducing the need for artificial lighting we can make a more pleasant working environment at the same time as reducing carbon emissions by up to 50%

Environmental certification
We designed the building to achieve an ‘Excellent’ rating in line with the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology (BREEAM) standards. And it has also received an ‘A’ rating for its Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Throughout its construction, we only used the most efficient commercially available plant and equipment.